About Us


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Wood Spirit Arts is a family-run business, whose mission is to beautify your spaces with reclaimed wood shelves and accessories.
We showcase the Spirit of the Wood.

Floating magnetic shelves, with maple, burls, ledges, and art


A multifaceted entrepreneur and family man, Gary Evans enjoys designing and creating spaces that are beautiful and inspiring.

His background in architectural design and building, give him a keen eye for detail, and access to reclaimed materials.
He sees the Spirit in every piece of wood he touches, no matter the size.
Our Founder, Gary Michael, drawing out a Wood Spirit Artfully

From the Founder

"My name is Gary Michael and I am excited to share my passion for wood working with you. I am deeply connected to the Tree Spirits.
Back in 2015, friends who make gorgeous custom tables started to give me their cut table ends and I made super strong magnetic shelves out of them! I have since sold them all and now focus on mini shelves, aka "Shelfies", altars, rune sets and wood paintings.
Thank you for visiting out store.  I look forward to you meeting the Tree Spirits."


Reclaimed and Upcycled

We work together with other makers to source their cut-off pieces, burl and other rare wood species.